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To assist you in selecting the proper labels for your garden, we have prepared a basic guide listing some of the popular flowers with an appropriate selection of garden labels. 

The label designs have been selected based on the average size of the plant, approximate number of stems per plant, and the size and shape of the blossoms.

Many of our garden labels are approximately the same height, therefore, YOUR personal preference will always be the final deciding factor in selection.

plant labels for gardens
hairpin style garden plant marker
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tall garden markers for plants
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best plant labels for your garden

Style A -

Crocus, Daffodil,

Hyacinth, Sweet Pea,






Style C -

Aster, Begonia,

Dahlia, Geranium,





Style E -

Azalea, Carnation,

Peony, Rose, Zinnia





Style G -

Daylily, Gladiolus,

Hollyhock, Iris,

Mum, Snapdragon







Style J -

Container Plants,

Flats, Mixed Beds,

Seedling Boxes



Style M -

Caladium, Mini Rose, Succulent, Wildflower,

House Plants

metal garden marker for large plants
weather proof plant labels for the garden
tall garden markers for plants
metal garden markers for plants
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Style B -

Large Plants or Shrubs




Style D -

Camellia, Forget-Me-Not, Lily, Pansy, Petunia




Style F -

Daylily, Gladiolus, Hollyhock, Iris, Mum, Snapdragon





Style H -

Daisy, Hen and Chick, Lily of the Valley, Morning Glory, Petunia, Violet





Style K -

Very Large Shrubs or Trees




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