Greater quantities and upgrades available


Double Wire Standard - 21 " tall

Heavy Duty Zinc Nameplate - 3-1/2" x 1-1/4" 


Please note that we have discontinued our regular zinc nameplates for this style. The heavy duty nameplates are the same size but are made with a thicker zinc material. They hold up very well in all conditions.


A favorite for many gardeners, this label is identical to the Rose Style Label but almost twice as tall for even easier viewing. Now with rounded corners, the extra large nameplate is tilted slightly for easy reading. Select from heavy duty zinc or copper nameplates. Choose from galvanized or stainless steel wires (a good choice if you have acidic or clay soil). We recommend our Black Marking Pencil or Mechanical Pencil for the zinc nameplates. The copper nameplates will patina over time and cannot be embossed with a ball point pen due the the hardness of the metal. We recommend our DecoColor Marker for copper nameplates. Marking products are sold separately. and our DecoColor Marker for the copper nameplates. Marking products are sold separately.


Light assembly required: This label is easily assembled by sliding the nameplate up the double wire standard just past the bend and pressing gently on the center of the nameplate to secure in place.


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