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The original metal garden label manufacturer


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Plant Labels & Markers 


At Paw Paw Everlast Label Company, we create plant labels that last.

As a small family-owned company, we strive to meet our customers' needs by providing a durable and affordable labeling system. Although other plant labels and metal garden markers may look the same, ours are made in the USA with 99.6% zinc for the longest-lasting nameplates and stakes made of quality galvanized wire. We also offer upgrades of heavy-duty or copper nameplates and stainless-steel wires to meet your specific needs. This combination provides you with a weather-resistant metal  garden label that, when used with our marking products, retains legibility and presentation year after year. We also sell our plant tags in bulk for businesses and dealers. With an extensive inventory, competitive pricing, and an experienced customer service team, we are ready to serve all your plant labeling needs.

Discover for yourself the reason why our plant labels are called EVERLAST!

Not sure which style

you want?


Introductory Kit

You will receive one each of Styles A, B, C, D, E, H, J, and K, along with a Black Marking Pencil.

ONLY $7.50


"I just wanted to say a big 'Thank You' for the excellent quality of your garden labels and the outstanding service to get them to my door. I have been a gardener for over 50 years and it's important to label my plants and also put the year they have been placed in my yard. Again, thank you so very much."  ~Barbara R.  

"I've been ordering from Paw Paw Everlast for almost 20 years now and have never been disappointed in either product or service. Great prices and fast shipping." ~Mike 

"I absolutely love these labels! Best price and best service! I bought 500 the first time and just bought 100 more! I won't use anything else or buy from anyone else. Thank you Paw Paw Everlast!" ~Stephanie

"What great service you have! My order must have been wrong, and the sales department noticed...I would have been upset with myself, but your staff looked at previous orders and notified me of what I probably wanted, and she was right. Thank you that I didn't have to return them. This was wonderful service also because I ordered them on the weekend, you called on Monday morning and they arrived on Wednesday. Thank you! ~Karen A.

"Ordered 100 plant labels. Within 3 days they were delivered by free priority mail. Couldn't ask for anything more. Just a great product from a great company. Have used previously and would definitely use again." ~Linda

"Good variety of metal plant labels at good prices. Excellent shipping value given that these metal labels get heavy. I've ordered several hundred labels from Paw Paw over the past few years and have found these labels to be exactly as ordered. Easy to order, excellent communication from the company and on-time delivery every time I've ordered." ~Clare

“I received my order today and will order some labels for my personal garden. What great personal service your company offers. The sample pack was very helpful in helping me select which label I will order. Thank you.” ~Carol

Garden Watchdog Top 5 Plant Tags & Markers

Paw Paw Everlast Label Company is a proud recipient of

Dave's Garden Watchdog Top 5 Plant Tags & Markers Badge.

This award goes to companies that have proven to be passionate about their

gardening product & are dedicated to customer satisfaction. 

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